Quality Assurance

NathCorp offers services of Software Testing for business critical software. The QA team comprises of software professionals with more than 50 man years of experience. We have a team of global standard associates who are equipped to test migration applications as well as legacy software maintenance applications. We also test critical financial software used in stock exchange as well as Futures and Options trading. The team includes financial experts who ensure that the software pass​es rigorous regression and performance tests to ensure top quality results while in production.

The testing services include following types of applications / products:

  • arrow.gif Windows Migration Applications
  • arrow.gif Web based applications
  • arrow.gif Linux based client-server applications​


We specialize in the types of tests given below:​​

  • arrow.gif Windows A​pplication Compatibility Testing
  • arrow.gif Windows Application Install/uninstall Testing
  • arrow.gif Linux / Windows Usability testing​
  • arrow.gif Automation Testing using Mercury Quick Test Pro
  • arrow.gif Automation Testing using Perl / Shell scripting
  • arrow.gif Stress Testing using Mercury Load Runner
  • arrow.gif Performance Testing using Load Runner and Perl Scripts
  • arrow.gif Windows Comparison testing – For various platforms
  • arrow.gif Windows / Linux End-to-end testing

Our current client base includes a major financial firm operating out of Chicago. We are involved in testing and assuring quality of critical software involved in daily arbitrage and market making trading in major stock exchanges in the US.

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The company has executed projects in both Windows and Linux based environments. The company has offices in both USA and India at multiple locations – Irvine, CA(USA), Chicago, IL (USA) and Ranchi (India). NathCorp is a technology centric company with the goal of providing quality and cost-effective solutions to its customers.

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