Careers at NathCorp

NathCorp is building a world class team of talented IT professionals.

The company is looking for individuals who want to learn, grow and become the best in their area of expertise. We are looking for people who are both technically qualified as well as possess great qualities. We are hiring in California and Ranchi.

NathCorp Qualities

arrow.gif  A can-do attitude.
arrow.gif  Ability and desire to learn and improve.
arrow.gif  Ambitious – wants to be the best in their area of expertise
arrow.gif  Excited by challenging projects.
arrow.gif  Helps fellow team members.
arrow.gif  Communicates effectively.

Working at NathCorp


​​​NathCorp is also hiring aggressively for the US Office. 

We are looking onsite team members who can collaborate with customers every day, helping them get the most from our services, solutions and processes. If you have the talent and challenging skill set to set yourself apart  from the others, please apply soon. 


NathCorp is presently building and hiring for its Ranchi office. Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand state in India and has an excellent climate and low cost of living.

The Ranchi office provides a professional work environment at par with any office in the major metropolitan area and exposes employees to world class IT projects. The projects in this office are on the latest technologies that provide employees with an opportunity to continuously learn and grow. The customers of these projects are based in the United States. The Ranchi office is currently looking for talented IT professional who are looking to learn and grow through challenging projects.

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About Company

The company has executed projects in both Windows and Linux based environments. The company has offices in both USA and India at multiple locations – Irvine, CA(USA), Chicago, IL (USA) and Ranchi (India). NathCorp is a technology centric company with the goal of providing quality and cost-effective solutions to its customers.

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