24×7 Operations & Support

NathCorp offers maintenance and support services for software products. Due to the location of offshore team in India we can offer a US – Night support to the vital software application which need 24 hour support. This 24-hour cycle helps keep the software up around the clock with machines being monitored remotely. 

NathCorp is committed to providing the best operations and support environment possible to our customers, driving us to implement many innovations in technology and infrastructure.  At the heart of our offering is our 24×7×365  the epicenter of all monitoring, problem tracking, remote management and problem resolution.  Our dedicated and multi-skilled staff are equipped with advanced technologies and management utilities to assure that our customers always have the information they need when they need it.
We understand that support is a critical offering needed to ensure success in today’s networked environment.  Our  Operations Center is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and our dedicated team monitors all critical parameters related to the performance of the network and the servers being hosted.  Team members are armed with the tools they need to quickly employ and dispatch the correct resource for any issue that presents itself and ensure speedy resolution.


Our team receives all incoming operations calls for faults and issues detected by the customer, as well as requests for additional services.  The  team ensures that our customers are always informed, in control, and receiving the best services available in the industry.  And our personnel are trained in all aspects of facility security and are responsible for the monitoring of all external and internal security points.  We are not just hosting – we actually monitor the processing of data and usage to proactively communicate, adjust and support our clients reporting infrastructures.

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