System Center Virtual Machine Manager(SCVMM)

​System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) forms part of Microsoft's System Center line of management and reporting tools, alongside previously established tools such as System Center Operations Manager and System Center Configuration Manager. SCVMM is designed for management of large numbers of Virtual Servers based on Microsoft Virtual Server and Hyper-V.System Center Virtual Machine Manager enables increased physical server utilization by making possible simple and fast consolidation on virtual infrastructure. This is supported by consolidation candidate identification, fast Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) migration and intelligent workload placement based on performance data and user defined business policies. VMM enables rapid provisioning of new virtual machines by the administrator and end users using a self-service provisioning tool. Finally, VMM provides the central management console to manage all the building blocks of a virtualized data center.

NathCorp works on addressing the critical needs of your enterprise towards Enterprise System Management.

Client Challenges

arrow.gif  Virtualize your data center, regardless of hardware or platform.
arrow.gif  Asset Consolidation and increased asset utilization.
arrow.gif  Lower Power, space & cooling costs.
arrow.gif  Faster response to Business needs.
arrow.gif  Business continuity & rapid recovery.

What NathCorp Provides

arrow.gif  Improve efficiency and reduce operational costs to support cross-departmental objectives, using System Center Virtual machine manager.
arrow.gif  Deployment & centralized Resource management, optimization.
arrow.gif  Rapid deployment & migration of virtual machines.
arrow.gif  Self-service provisioning.
arrow.gif  Building infra by taking the advantage of existing SAN networks.

Business Value

arrow.gif  Virtualization of Enterprise process so that they don’t have to be dependent on the hardware.
arrow.gif  Live Migration allows the your datacenter to be dynamic.
arrow.gif  Hot-add and removal of storage which reduces the downtime.
arrow.gif  Maximize datacenter resources through consolidation.
arrow.gif  Support for Cluster shared Volumes and third-party CFS.
arrow.gif  Performance & Resource Optimization (PRO).

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