Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring(MBAM)

​A tool for managing, enforcing and monitoring BitLocker drive encryption across an entire organization from a central location. MBAM consists of administration console which can be accessed using a web browser, as well as an agent which must be installed on every computer in the organization, either manually or using Active Directory.

Organizations across the globe is dealing with the security issues to protect data on their operating system and removable storage drives. Having expertise on MBAM, NathCorp provides the appropriate business solution best suited for your organization.

Client Challenges

arrow.gif  Protection against data theft or data exposure for computers that are lost or stolen.
arrow.gif  Centralized management for the Bitlocker encryption.

What NathCorp Provides

arrow.gif  Security measures to protect data with encryption.
arrow.gif  A comprehensive set of security service that includes engineering, maintenance, management and testing.

Business Value

arrow.gif  Simplifies encryption deployment.
arrow.gif  Reduces support cost.
arrow.gif  Increases Compliance.

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