Application Virtualization(App-V)

​An application virtualization and application streaming platform that allows clients to run applications locally via on demand streaming from a centralized server. This makes sure that all clients run the application with the same configuration. App-V also allows standalone virtualized applications to run locally on the client.

Now a days, Organizations have been moving on to the business solutions for the management of the application in their domain environment that reduces the labor and support cost and provides the centralized management mechanism

Client Challenges

arrow.gif  Installing an application on hundreds and thousands of computers is prone to error.
arrow.gif  Retiring an application from the organization.
arrow.gif  Sometimes, installation of an application corrupts other.
arrow.gif  Run multiple version of the same application.
arrow.gif  Application updates.
arrow.gif  Helpdesk Calls.

What NathCorp Provides

arrow.gif  Microsoft virtualization solution to simplify roll out and deployment of software.
arrow.gif  Risk free environment for application conflicts.

Business Value

arrow.gif  Reduces labor and support cost.
arrow.gif  Centralized environment for the management of the applications.
arrow.gif  Reduces the dependency of the applications on the operating system.

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