Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure formerly known as Windows Azure is a cloud service based Platform and Infrastructure hosted in Microsoft Data Centers. It offers on demand services to build, deploy and manage applications over a global network. Microsoft Azure’s open, Flexible and interoperable platform supports Windows and Linux based OS hosting, third party software, building and running new applications from the cloud itself & enhance cloud based capability of existing applications. It’s among the top cloud providers for both Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Nathcorp focusses on your crucial business needs and serves its best to attain end user satisfaction.

Client Challenges

  • Security and Privacy over Internet.
  • Reliability and 27x7 availability of resources.
  • Interoperability between On-line and On-Premise IT operations.
  • Performance and cost related with the service.

What NathCorp provides

  • Management of Azure App Service within VM Infrastructure for the client.
  • Testing, Deploying and Managing applications using Azure’s cloud platform.
  • Health Monitoring of VMs and applications deployed on the cloud.
  • Resource Management and Disaster Recovery.
  • Integration of On-premise services with the Cloud.

Business Value

  • Capable of scale demand changes by leveraging Microsoft Azure and reduces On-premise Infrastructure cost.
  • More control over Security provided by reliable Microsoft Data Centers.
  • Compliant with the most of the primary industry compliance program to fit business requirement as well as industry standard.
  • Negligible amount of downtime provides 100% confidence to deliver services to the customers.

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About Company

The company has executed projects in both Windows and Linux based environments. The company has offices in both USA and India at multiple locations – Irvine, CA(USA), Chicago, IL (USA) and Ranchi (India). NathCorp is a technology centric company with the goal of providing quality and cost-effective solutions to its customers.

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